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Translating English Short Stories : An Only Child & Father Forget

Translating Robinson Crusoe Cartoon Movie from English into Arabic : Audiovisual Translation
Translating Yemeni Proverbs from Arabic into English :
Problems and Solutions
Strategies Used in Translating Opening Accounts in CAC Bank and International Bank of Yemen2016م
Journalism and Media Translation2016م
Evaluating the Efficiency of Cartoons Dubbing: Don Quixote As a Case of Study2016م
Strategies used in Translation Cultural Expressions in Hassan and Marcus Movie into English  2016م
Grammatical problems in Translating Sentences from Arabic into English for the Students of Translation in Yemeni and Jordanian University
A suggested Program for Translating Proverbs from English into Arabic
Difficulties in Translating Arabic Newspaper Headiness    2017م
A suggested Critical Analysis of a translated  Version of Charles Dickens` A Tale of Two Cities2017م
Translating I`m Nojoom Aged 10and Divorced Movie from Arabic into English2017م
Translation Difficulties in Field Training A Suggested Statistical Analysis2017م
A suggested Offline Program for Translating Arabic Sentences into English2018م
A suggested Cultural Study of Sananian and American Proverbs2018م
Problems Encountered in Translating Present Perfect Tense into Arabic & Vice Versa2018م
A Suggested Study of the Influence of Technology on Translation2018م
A Suggested  Translator`s companion App for University Students2019م
A Suggested  Translator`s companion App for University Students2019م
Subtitling Coffee Culture Video into Arabic A Graduation Project  2019م
Simile English-Arabic / Arabic-English Translation: Cultural Perspective 2019م
Pupil`s Companion to English: A Designed App for Primary School Students2019م
Subtitling Dubbing Socatra Island Videos2020م
Using Concordancer Software in Arabic-English  Translation2020م
An Analytical Study of Selected Simultaneous Interpretation of First Presidential Debate-2020 American Election2020م
Methods and Processes in Translating the Novel ‘Ta‘afa Qalbi Bek’ into English  2020م
A critical Analysis of a Translated Version of Paulo Coelho`s The Alchemist  2021م
Learning English with SpongeBob Animation: A Suggested Multimedia Program 2021م
Assessment of Dubbed and Subtitled Dragon Movie2021م
Translation the Yemeni Village Spaces from Arabic into English: A case study of Muhammad Abdul-Wali`s Short Story: The Land, Salma 2021م
Needs Analysis of Labor Market from The Perspective of English Language And Translation Department Alumni2022م
School Staff and Teachers’ Perceptions on Designing a Green School Curriculum in English for Primary Schools Student2022م
English/Arabic Subtitling of Storks Movie: An Evaluative and Cultural Study2022م
Perceptions of Students and Staff of Faculties of Language of Designing a Suggested ESD Bilingual Course2022م
Translating Common Terms Used in a Local Humanitarian Organization in Yemen (RDP)2022م
Climate Change Education : Translating a Short Story , Designing and Subtitling an Adapted Animation Video from English into Arabic2023م
Translation Problems in Three Selected Yemeni Short Stories2023م
Yemeni and English Cultural Expressions Related to Social Occasions A Comparative Study2023م
A Cultural Translation of Selected Yemeni Folktales into English2023م
Designing and Writing a Booklet on Tourism Industry in Sana’a City :A Bilingual Guide2023م
Subtitling Translation of Video and Text of Yemeni Coffee History into English2023م
Translating Selected Invention Booklets for Children Student2023م